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State Council reiterated to increase alternative energy vehicles’ proportion greatly

On December 19th, the State Council officially released the Plan for the development of Strategic Emerging Industries in 13th five-year, making clear the strategic status of alternative energy vehicles, new energy industry and other low-carbon green industries. It is demanded that the application proportion of alternative energy vehicles and new energies will be increased greatly, to promote the construction of highly-efficient, energy-saving, environmental and resource cycling industrial system comprehensively. Also, alternative energy vehicles, new energy and low-carbon green industries will become pillar industries by 2020 to form an industrial value size of more than RMB 10 trillion.

The plan also points out that the strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of scientific innovation and industrial reform, serving as the key area of fostering new energies and obtaining competitive strengths in the future. During the “13th-five” period, strategic emerging industries should be put in a more outstanding position among the developments of economic society, to construct new modern industrial system and promote sustainable and healthy development of economic society. According to relevant “13th-five” planning framework, the plan is made for a period from 2016 to 2020.


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